Isometrics=Strength A Great Way For Seniors To Get Strong

Today Isometrics, which is one of the few training methods that was  actually backed by science (Muller, Hettinger Isometric Studies), has made a resurgence and so has the old classic The Bullworker. Also a great addition to the Bullworker family is the Iso Bow a “Take Anywhere” fitness gadget that really serves its purpose when the bullworker cant be taken. See my review here


Want to build up your strength but you dont have time for the gym or are just too busy to train then welcome to the revised old school Isometric trainer “The 20 inch Bullworker Steel Bow” I first used the Bullworker when I was about 17 years old. I was joining the army and wanted to build up my strength. The Bullworker was something I could use in my own time in the comfort of my own home. I am now 61 and decided to revive this old friend that served me well back in the day.

Those of you of my generation will probably have known about the Bullworker or maybe even used it yourself. If your of the younger generation I hope you will find my review of this classic strength trainer of great value, even to the point of trying it for yourself.

About Bullworker Steel Bow

Bullworker is a product and fitness company that specialise in Isometric excercise that was originally sold in the early 60’s.It was designed and patented by the German inventor Gert F. Kolbel, and even to this day it still continues to sell around the world including Europe, Asia and the USA.The ’20 Inch Bullworker Steel Bow’ is now the latest revised version. The bullworker is based on using Isometrics, that was the commonly used word when people used to talk about it.



An Isometric exercise uses resistance that contracts a muscle, or group of muscles with different movements and for a specified contraction time of approx 7-10 seconds. Your probably thinking 7-10 seconds wont do a thing, trust me if you follow the specified training chart you will gain strength all over, your muscle hardness will be apparant after a while using it. If you dont currently do any physical resistance training you will also experience mild soreness,this is quite normal and disappears after a few days. You can excercise in over 40 different ways (chart provided).


So How Does The Bullworker Work?

Well it consists of 2 metal tubes which fit inside each other. There is also rubber grips at each end also located on the plastic cables that run along the inside. Also inside the with the tube one of the three springs each with differing levels of resistance can be inserted. Using it is based on the push – pull principal you are pushing on the ends or you are pulling the cables of which the spring inside is providing the resistance. A cool addition is the built in ‘Smart Timer’ it counts  down the 7 seconds thats required for each hold or pull. It has the option of going up to 100lb of resistance quite good for a piece of equipment that only weighs about 2lb.The Bullworker Steel Bow

Using the Bullworker Steel Bow will give you a bigger and firmer chest, increase the back and shoulder strength,tighten those abdominals and oblique muscles as well as giving your muscles more definition. If you have soft muscles due to not excercising or after dieting to lose weight the Bulloworker Pro will change that. Men and women can use the Bullworker Steel Bow you can just focus on a certain muscle or muscle group but also give your body a full workout as per the chart you recieve. A favourite of mine is using it whilst watching the TV. It comes with the 3 resistance springs and resistance levels of 22lb,69lb,or 87lb, a digital ‘Smart Timer’ counter and most important the Excercise Wall Chart.

Tension stimulates muscle growth

Creating tension using Isometrics is one of the primary factors that is associated with muscle growth. Mechanical tension is created by stressing the muscle throughout it’s full range of motion during an excercise. The phrase “Time Under Tension” (or TUT) relates to the amount of time you are stressing a particular muscle during any excecise. The more tension you create during an excercise,the more muscle fibres that will be recruited to perform the task. In turn,this gives the muscle a greater growth stimulus, hence the Isomtetric principle of the Bullworker.

Is The Bullworker Worth Using? (My Opinion)

The fact that the Bullworker has been around since the late 1960’s is testament to how popular it still is, and even more so with the new revised ‘Bullworker’ It cetainly worked for me when I first used it at 17 years of age and now at 61 I still find it a great strength and muscle firming piece of equipment. Isometric excercises of course are not new but for people who are constantly on the go this type of excercise utilising the Bullworker has come back in vogue. Isometric resistance excercise is very beneficial if you do it for 30 minutes each day for approx 5 days per week. Obviously these types of excersise are not going to help with stamina or cardio they are designed to maintain muscle mass and also to note,very useful for people in rehabilitation. Go Here==>>To Read My Story

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  1. I have never seen the BullWorker Pro before but it looks interesting. I am always looking for ways to improve my fitness. It would be great to find an efficient way such as this since we are all on busy schedules. I am going to read into it some more. Thank you for the info.

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