Improve Your Posture With The RKC Kettlebell Swing

Postural correction is a hot topic. Spending too much time in a
seated position while driving or working on a computer will adversely
affect our ability to stand up straight.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a time-efficient exercise that
could counteract all the time you’ve spent in the seated position and
help you develop good posture?

That excercise exists—it’s the kettlebell swing.

Swinging a kettlebell
will help you develop strong muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. It
will also improve your endurance. But, one of the biggest benefits of
the kettlebell swing is improvement in your posture. The kettlebell
swing is a naturally corrective exercise which will help undo the
maladaptive effects of too much sitting slumped over with a computer,
tablet, or phone.

The following are some of the key postural issues that the RKC kettlebell swing can correct:

Problem #1: Your glutes are not working

Sitting down turns off your glutes. The RKC kettlebell swing includes
a “hip drive” or “pop” that moves the tailbone under and drives the
hips forward. The hips are a primary source of athletic power for many
sports such as golf, tennis, baseball and boxing. This hip drive is
fueled by a rapid and intense contraction of the glutes. Swinging a
kettlebell can help you reactivate your glutes. Active glutes will also
put the pelvis in a neutral position, increasing your athleticism and
reducing your chances of developing chronic back pain.

Problem #2: Your back is rounded, and shoulders are hunched forward

When using a computer or driving a car, your arms are front of your
body while you’re seated. This inevitably leads to the shoulders
internally rotating and the chest collapsing. For most people, this also
means they will look like a caveman when they finally stand up. The
finish, or top position, of the RKC
kettlebell swing features “packed” shoulders. This means that the
shoulders are pulled back and down, the lats are activated, and the
thoracic spine is in a neutral position.

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