Isokinator Green Giant AKA The Beast – My Review

Isokinator Green Giant, mobile Fitness Machine, 1-180 kg resistance (Koelbel Training Research)

Manufacturer: Koelbel

Price: $400

Made in Germany! As stable as an anvil; comes with a 20-year full guarantee by the manufacturer with “no ifs or buts”!

After the Bullworker, Gert F. Koelbel went on to develop a second isometric device, named the Isokinator.(green giant)  It’s just larger than a smart phone and made of stainless steel and aerospace aluminium, it is capable of providing up to 198 lbs of resistance.


It features two sliding bars on each side which can be moved upwards and downwards to adjust the level of resistance.  Once the resistance has been set, the handles on each side of the device are then pulled apart.  As the handles are pulled, two brass coloured balls on the device move according the force exerted.

The idea then is that, once it’s in position, these balls are kept in place by applying the constant tension to the handles. Movement is incorporated into the exercises creating a dynamic isometric.  This really is (alongside the bullworker) one of the best pieces of isometric exercise equipment available.

The Isokinator is made in Germany and features the kind of engineering that we have come to  expect from a German product. It even comes with a 20 year guarantee this is as a testament to the quality of its construction. The Isokinator comes with an easy-to-read manual, a DVD, a training diary and even a free app for your smartphone.

 AKA The Beast

So then, how can this hand held device possibly assist you in your fitness goals? Well, this is where it gets very interesting. The Isokinator Green Giant (aka – The Beast) offers resistance between 1kg – 180kg. You simply set up a resistance and dock your hands or feet into the loops on either side and perform certain exercises whilst maintaining this resistance. This device can also recognize your maximum strength and then switch to 70% of that maximum. The idea being that you are always working with the ideal resistance for you. The Isokinator keeps this 70% power on continuously throughout the training which means that the entire exercise is performed under tension. This is something that not even free weights or multi-gyms can mimic. Each muscle group only requires a single exercise meaning you only perform 7 exercises (lasting about 15 minutes) in total, not only does this save time but it also protects the joints and tendons from excessive overuse.

The manufacturers claim that after 36 training sessions you will build up an additional 38cm (14.8inches) of muscle mass by following the instructions laid out included. This is also backed by the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Hannover..

Of course me being me I was initially somewhat skeptical about the Isokinator, it was the idea of a hand held device that actually offers a complete body workout seemed a bit outlandish. But now, I do have to admit I am definatley sold on it. I know the idea of constant tension resistance training is becoming more popular as of late. Why? because it works. The fundamentals of muscle building have not changed and why would they, the idea being the more you lift, the stronger you will become.

The Germans are now challenging that concept by rethinking the principles and in a way modernizing them. We live in a very fast moving world, if you just take a moment to think about the technological advances in the last 20 years you will appreciate how fast we are moving and maybe fitness equipment does need some of the technological advancements thrust at it.


So there it is. The Isokinator  is a compact, mobile training device that trains and works all muscle groups for men and women of all ages no matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. It is also scientifically proven to build muscle and help shape your body whilst minimizing the chance of srain or injury and comes with detailed exercise instructions (in English). The best deal is the 20 year warranty giving you total piece of mind.


Take a closer look at the Isokinator green giant here


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