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The Truth About Cholesterol
Due to some kettlebell trainers in the world, kettlebells have been usually been associated with cardio, but the in reality  kettlebells are brilliant for building strength and muscle just like the the old school Barbell/Dumbell. …  quality should always come first.

The stronger you can become, the more things you will get out of life

If Like me your main focus is on getting lean and building muscle with kettlebells then this artice is worth a read.

All people have different goals when using kettlebells and creating a particular program. But this will point you in the direction to go if its lean and muscle your chasing ….Peter.Kettlebell Muscle

The main thing people have told me that they want from their training

hasn’t changed in 30 + years: they want to lose weight and get toned.

This is by far the most common desire and everything else is way behind.

And by get toned they mean LOOK like they have some muscle.

This is what most people mean by fitness. They want to look like they train. They want to look like an athlete.

People want to look good in their clothes and, with their clothes off. And, if

they feel that they look good they usually feel better about themselves

and eat better, train more and act more disciplined and focused inKettlebells For 50+

their life in general, because what mostly keeps people from doing what

they know they need to regarding their training is lack of motivation.
Rarely do people lose motivation when they can see and feel the results that their training is bringing them.

This is why I was so excited to see the title of Master RKC Geoff Neupert’s new book: Kettlebell MUSCLE.

As much as we disparage the current methods of bodybuilding in the RKC

( Pavel’s “virtual muscle’) the bottom line is that increasing one’s

muscle mass, as well as their strength has many, many real world applications and is vitally important as we grow older.

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