Kettlebells For Life

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Kettlebell workouts will help you lose weight,gain stamina and get strong. It certainly made a difference for me.

Kettlebell training is available for everyone no matter what age or gender. From elite athletes looking for that extra edge to the older more older person/senior looking to get started in fitness for the the first time. Everyone can benefit’

If you are currently using or considering using kettlebells as a training system then this article will serve you well….Peter.Kettlebells For Life


Every Spring, I enjoy looking back and reflecting on what I am grateful for over the last year. One of those things is the RKC School of Strength and my students who enjoy using kettlebells as much as I do.


As I reflect on seven years of teaching strength and conditioning (and a dozen certifications and workshops later) I can honestly say that what has prepared me best to be a strength coach is the RKC School of Strength.


Here’s why: I don’t have to struggle to plan programming for my students. It’s all here—a way to train students to become stable, mobile, strong and flexible for life. This system  is safe, interesting to the mind and body, and accessible to all fitness levels. It’s fun, time-efficient and truly a system of health that promotes longevity.


I’m grateful for my students who keep coming back for more…

At my gym, our programming is 80% kettlebells and 20% bodyweight. It’s based on both the RKC and PCC (Progressive Calisthenics) fitness systems.

Many of the students have been training with me since the beginning of my kettlebell journey more than five years ago. They keep coming back for more because the RKC School of Strength challenges both the brain and the body.

I find that students can continue to train this way for life. We can easily adapt the training to their changing personal health and fitness levels. Wherever my students are in the moment—and this true for D1 athletes, everyday working folks, or retirees—they can train optimally.

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