Knee Pain Restricting You? Todd Kuslikis’ Feel Good Knees – Review

Who is the Author of Feel Good Knees Program?

Todd Kuslikis is a fitness training and injury prevention specialist who studied Nursing, Personal Training and Human Physiology at Western Michigan University where he eventually gained his masters degree. For the past 10 years or so, he has been specializing in the healing power of Eastern and Western holistic practices, practices believed to have the ability to speed-up your body’s own natural healing process. He has also contributed to various online health publications and works with all varying types of clients, from nursing home residents to professional athletes and even the US military.


Feel Good Knees program reveals a 1000-year-old 5-minute ritual that will decrease knee pain by 58%. Yes I know what you’re saying right now  – yeah whatever, and it’s good to be sceptical. After all, you’ve probably been taking the usual prescription pain medication to help control and manage  your present knee discomfort for years maybe and you still have difficulties, but have you thought that maybe that’s the reason why? No one is saying harmful drugs with an array of side effects are not the option for everyone, but if you are fed up of the side effects or are not receiving the relief you really need and really should be getting, dont you think it is possible that all you may need is a new remedy for the problem. Well, the Feel Good Knees program could very well be it. We will take a closer look.

What Does The Feel Good Knees Program Entail?

The Feel Good Knees program is a 5-minute ritual designed for men and women over the age of 45 yrs and who are suffering daily ongoing  discomfort in their knees. The system is very  focused on an ancient “routine/ritual ” that was used over a thousand years ago to help alleviate the discomfort naturally. But you will find it’s much more than that as well.

The creator of this remedy  which I’ll go into more detail on later in the review, spent 15 years in the study of  Eastern and Western medicine, as he gradually narrowed his expertise to the holistic healing practices. Throughout his study, he found various tools that were  used to treat some of the most common health concerns and discomforts of today, but it seemed  most people have completely forgotten about them.

So what is this recovery routine/ritual all about and what does it require?

It requires nothing more than just 5 minutes and however long it may take you to read through the program – oh and  the program, is entirely online, so you can easily get started right away.

The Feel Good Knees program is broken down into four different sections to make it easy for you to complete. They are:

  • The Introduction Guide
  • The Companion Guide
  • The Pain Reduction Tracker
  • The Video Library

So, you not only get the information needed to implement the recovery ritual into your day, each day but you also receive everything you need to perform the exercises properly and to track your progress.

More specifically, this system is based on a 3-step regime that needs only 5 minutes per day, but that will  take 6 weeks to complete. The steps are:

  • Level 1: The Pain Eliminator Stage (2 weeks)
  • Level 2: The Knee Rejuvenation Stage (2 weeks)
  • Level 3: The Knee Renewal Stage 2 weeks)

You are probably saying to yourself, this seems like a long time to start diminishing the discomfort but as you will notice, the pain elimination happen in the first two weeks of actually starting the program. Then, the other weeks are for strengthening your knee/knees and building muscle and ligaments around your knees.

You will also receive some bonus content, such as:

  • 1-Minute Rejuvenation Finishers and Video Library
  • Postural Alignment Guide and Video Library

Also, you get all of that along with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, that is more than enough time for you to read through the guide and get started on this 6-week journey to knee-recovery and enjoy the bonuses. If you find your knee isn’t better, you can get a refund.


An Overview of the Feel Good Knees Program

So, you’ve probably been suffering with pain and discomfort for so long that you have given up all hope on the natural, holistic remedies and pain killers. Well that is very understandable – most of us have been there. So, to give you a clearer understanding of the good value and the effectiveness of the Feel Good Knees Routine, below is a general breakdown for you.

The 6-Week Program

As previously noted, the 6-week program consists of 3 different levels – The Pain Eliminator Stage, The Knee Rejuvenation Stage and The Knee Renewal stage, we will look into them here……

Level 1: The Pain Eliminator Stage (2 weeks)

This part of the program is mainly about taking the first steps to alleviate your pain straight away. It comes with various exercises that will go to helping strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding your knees, without pushing things too far for you – you are still healing at this point!

Each movement gives you a detailed description of what to do and how to do it, along with photos and videos which can be found in the video library. Here are some examples of the exercises included in this section of the Feel Good Knees:

Standing Pigeon (slight back bend)

Reach the Sky (big stretch upwards)

Seated Pillow Squeezers (squeezing a pillow in-between your knees)

Level 2: The Knee Rejuvenation Stage (2 weeks)

By now you will notice your knees are feeling slightly better and  now stronger, you can move onto the slightly more complicated exercises  which are designed specifically for people of your age. Below are some examples of these exercises:

Seated Towel Presses (pressing knee down into a rolled-up towel)

Seated Leg Raises (lifting legs up and down)

Laying Pillow Squeezers (squeezing a pillow in-between your knees

Level 3: Knee Renewal Stage (2 weeks)
Now at this stage, your knees are feeling great! So, it’s time to increase the movements just a little bit. Below are some examples of these exercises:

Level 3: Knee Renewal Stage (2 weeks)

Wall Sit (sitting against a wall)

Wall Sit With Towel Squeeze (sitting against a wall while squeezing a pillow in between your knees)

Reverse Lunge (shifting your weight into your front foot, and then switching)

Right now, the exercises when you start level 3 likely may seem so unrealistic probably because you have gotten so used to suffering from that nagging pain. The way you should look at is that at the end of first four weeks these are the types of exercises you will be able to do.Now by


With the detailed instructions laid out, photos and also videos of each and every movement, you can easily follow through the Feel Good Knees program. The tracker will also allow you to follow your own progress which is also a great source of motivation when you probably don’t feel like doing the 5-minute ritual on some days.(were only human)

But more importantly, with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is that constant nagging knee pain. So, why not give the Feel Good Knees system a try?

Claim yours now, with your free bonuses!


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