Online (RKC) Kettlebell Instructor Certification Course

Learn The HardStyle Fit Skills

It has been announced that the release of an online version of Dragon Door’s prestigious HKC kettlebell instructor certification course is now available.
This online course will teach every important aspect/detail of the in-person HKC, in three seperate  modules for a total of 56 lessons. Each particular lesson contains an extremly-detailed instructional video and a complementary PDF, which is followed by a multiple choice Quiz that requires a 100% for a Pass.

Once the entire course has been taken by the candidate and every quiz has been passed, candidates will then be awarded a Certificate of Completion. Candidates who so wish to become a fully-certified HKC will also be required to submit a video demonstrating proficiency in the three core lifts, ie; the Swing, the Get-Up and the Goblet Squat.

 How to Hone Your Hardstyle Skills

Dragon Door originated the modern kettlebell movement in 2001 with the introduction of a unique kettlebell-based strength, conditioning and mobility system which is known as Hardstyle. Dragon Door now has two world-leading Hardstyle kettlebell instructor certification programs, the HKC and RKC. Right now you can absorb the entire curriculum from the groundbreaking Hardstyle system right from the comfort of your own home

 How to Excel as a Hardstyle Coach and Personal Trainer

Since 2001, it has been proven time and time again that coaches and personal trainers who employ Hardstyle training methods really do achieve spectacular results with all their clients. Reported benefits to the client include significant gains in power, strength, conditioning, speed plus a rapid transformation of the physique. All achieved  in less time than any other training system on the market today. Upgrade your coaching and personal training value now with the world’s premier online program.

 Become a Certified Hardstyle Instructor

After passing Dragon Door’s online Hardstyle kettlebell training course, you may qualify to become fully certified in the system. Our certified HKC and RKC kettlebell instructors represent the all very best in fitness quality and are much in demand for their teaching skills.

Transform Yourself—And Your Clients—With the Supremely Functional and Results-Oriented Hardstyle Methodology

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