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One of the first books I came across when looking for instruction on Kettlebell training, but more specifically the “Kettlebell Swing” was Pavel’s “Enter The Kettlebell”  On further investigation I found the reviews of this book very encouraging to say the least. Of course as with most product reviews you will always get the odd bad review even though the book (in my opinion) is a ‘Must Have on your bookshelf ‘.

I find that the old adage still holds true. (You can please some of the people some of the time….but you cant please all of the people all of the time) Reviews are reviews and you have to weigh up both sides yourself based on your own experience. I couldn’t fault anything about the training that pavel teaches, he is a Kettlebell Master in his own right and deserves the respect he has clearly earnt  on the subject.

What I Learnt

Not all, but Most beginners male & female will usually start training with the Kettlebell swing because it is such a great exercise for not only melting fat  but building stamina and strength, but it must be done correctly or your just setting yourself up for injury and possibly not ever trying it again, especially if the the lower back region gives out, not good! I allotted a time when  I could sit down and read his book from beginning to end without reading snippets here and there. What I found was I ended up reading it all again the next day, the instruction and content is clearly from a great trainer. Easy to read text and instructional photographs throughout make it well worth reading


I followed the instructions all through the book and by the end I was able to do the perfect Kettlebell Swing and felt comfortable executing it, whereas before I always stumbled due to lack of not understanding the mechanics of performing the movement. Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! helps you weed out weakness… develop explosive power, strength and never-quit endurance—with his PROVEN system for rapid, spectacular and across-the-board gains in physical performance”

Below are  just a couple  of the reviews on “Enter The Kettlebell” this gives you an idea of how well received this book is.

10/10 Perfect Companion to the Enter the Kettlebell DVD!

I am new to kettlebells and needed some clear cut, uncomplicated instruction, so I purchased Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell book hoping for a K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach to training. I couldn’t be more pleased with the concise, well illustrated information in this book! Pavel focuses on the proper mechanics of the major kettlebell moves (swing, clean, get up and snatch ,etc.) … exactly what a beginner like me needs to get started properly! Thanks Pavel and Dragon Door for this excellent educational resource!

Raw Power…Focused, Intensified, and Honed!

Whats the difference between a razor blade and a butter knife? Focus. You can try hard, and do little, or you can try hard, and do a lot. What the whetstone did for knives, Enter the Kettlebell does for strength.

Whatever the goal, be it strength or conditioning, Enter the Kettlebell discusses a bare bones, no frills, no excuse method of training that takes a minimal amount of time (but a great deal of effort) to strength.

Don’t waste any more time fretting over what machine you should be making payments on. Don’t blow your time cranking out ridiculous amounts of effort on what seems to be no progress in physical conditioning. The instructions are all here, and for the cost of one payment on a machine, you can be set for months of intense, focused training. The details within can guide a total stranger to fitness in short order, and the ever present community will support you all the way!


I have a bad back. Can I train with kettlebells?
The top five reasons RKC kettlebell training is great for your back… strengthening the glutes to combat gluteal amnesia and a dysfunctional back… promoting hip flexor flexibility… Dr. McGill and developing back extensor endurance… bracing for spinal stability… ballistic loading to reduce the odds of arthritis.


Will kettlebells help my sport-specific strength?
The pros and cons of sports-specific training… the kettlebell “what-the-hell effect” for improving at things you have not practiced… professional powerlifting and marathon running success stories… how to truly excel at a certain exercise… when to do “special strength” training… customized for what?… beware the moonshine—the dangers of home-brewed coaching.


Testing yourself for progress in the RKC Rite of Passage… how to best test your Clean and Press… the kettlebell Clean and Press rules… how to test your Snatch… the United States Secret Service kettlebell Snatch rules… three sample test days… the RKC Rite of Passage training plan summary… Nietzsche’s formula for success… how to measure a man’s true character.


If your currently training with Kettlebells or considering utilising them in your fitness goals then I can Highly recommend this training Bible (as I call it) 🙂 I’m confident you wont be disappointed once you put it into practice. Leave potential injuries behind and get the desired results. Enter the Kettlebell takes you straight to exercise and strength gain, with the same philosophy as the art of the kettlebell itself.

The book is also available as an E book digital download.

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