The Bullworker Iso Bow Isometrics Excerciser – My Review

The Iso Bow Is Part Of The Bullworker Family

What Is The Iso Bow?

The Iso Bow is a pocket gym exerciser from Bullworker that utilizes isometrics, isotonics and iso motion to help keep one fit. It claims to be suitable to people of all ages and fitness levels from young to old, beginner to advanced. It also claims that a person will feel the difference on the very first workout and actually see results after the first week.The Classic Iso Bow For Fitness

Pros: Inexpensive, Versatile, Fun. Carry anywhere.

Cons: I personally could find nothing detrimental.

My Rating: 5/5

  1. Improve Mental Health
  2. Lower Stress Levels
  3. Release Tension
  4. Relieve Pain
  5. Improve Posture
  6. Speed Up Training Recovery

My Own  Experience:

I have always loved and enjoyed fitness gadgets since being about 17 years old. The humble chest expander was one of my first purchases in an effort to build my chest. How things have changed. I now use products which  especially have anything that to do with isometrics and iso motion – why? because they work.

Once I studied how to use the Iso Bow from utilising the  90 day Iso Bow program it became an additional form of excercise alongside my trusty bullworker and I fell in love with it. The Iso Bow turned out to be an effective little portable (take anywhere) effective exerciser.

I felt it working the very first workout I did with it and after a couple days I was sore which proves how effective it is at breaking down muscle tissue.

Within the first week, my muscles felt firmer and I personally felt much stronger. I could especially feel and see the difference in my shoulders, my chest, my biceps and my legs.

I also like the fact that it is small enough to fit in your pocket, I even pack it in my suitcase when going on a break allowing me to take it everywhere I go.

I also found I was in complete control of it as I am given complete control over the amount of resistance I want to  use.

There are some you tube videos out there with demonstrations on how to use it. Here are a couple of links:

1.Iso Bow Basics

2.Iso Bow Workout

The Iso-Bow delivers the Tai Chi of Iso-Motion.

While it excels as a stand alone fitness product; used together with any fitness program allows the user to “FEEL & SEE” the end results in their mobility and agility.Iso 90 Iso Bow Training Course

Like a can of Popeye Spinach, it comes out of your pocket/purse and provides an instant workout anywhere, anytime.

Where To Purchase: You can purchase the Iso Bow here>>> Bullworker Iso Bow

If you decide to use the Iso 90 Day Workout Book (Highly Recommend) You will need to have a pair of Iso Bows

They are available here>>> Bullworker Pair Of Iso Bows.


Get the Iso Bow 90 Day Course Here>>> Iso 90 Course


Whether you are a fitness buff or a beginner, if you want to get into shape give the Iso Bow a try. At only approx $14.99 or $24.99 a pair it is a very worthy addition to your fitness arsenal. I highly recommend it!

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