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Getting into a fitness routine/program is often exciting and the early rewards can come fast. After about 4-5 workouts most men experience an exhilarating she sensation of renewed fitness that Spurs them on further. Muscles springing back to life,  powerful charge of energy coursing through your veins making you feel stronger, dynamic, rating to go, 100% alive again. The explanation is simple, even after years of neglect the muscles of your body retain their ability to react positively and rapidly to excercise.

Rapid ImprovementsThe Bullworker Pro

Within 3-4 weeks following the training chart, many users of the Bullworker begin noticing the first improvements, an inch or so muscle on arms, shoulders and chest, an inch or two less flab around the middle. That is only the first chapter of the Fitness Story. After about 4 weeks of no sweat – no strain Bullworker training you will find yourself performing with ease the full daily fitness program of 26 well chosen excercises which constitute a full fitness workout for all the major muscle groups of your body. That’s when the ongoing training starts paying truly impressive long term dividends. Finish out the month then check your progress and set additional goals you wish to achieve.

Advanced Fitness TrainingBullworker Traing Improvement

It’s like’ Compound Interest’ you pyramid your fitness goals into all kinds of extra dividends, increased endurance, more stamina, better coordination, improved  agility. Many Bullworker users are ready to tackle the “Advanced Training Program get Into Isotonics and coordinated muscle group excercise before the first month is out. Beginning about the fifth week of training your level of fitness should be high enough for you to put on some steam if you want to or concentrate on specific muscle groups. Even the best training program performed in the same manner  for more than a month  become monotonous and boring. Make an effort to modify your workout  every few weeks by  substituting alternate excercises and performing some of the excercises Isotonically

Specialization Training

Is there some part of your body that needs building up or trimming down? One shoulder that’s a little lower than the other? Legs that look skinny in comparison to your torso? Chest expansion limited to 2 or 3 inches? A lack of muscle definition in your thighs , abdominals, pectorals? Neck and shoulders that tend to slouch forward when you sit for long periods or an occasional stiff neck? These are all things you can focus on with directing specific excercises to specialise on those areas needing help utilising the Bullworker.

Maintenance Training

Among the many advantages of Bullworker fitness training, the areas of Maintanence training  is perhaps foremost. With most sports and fitness training programs  once you start cutting back on the workouts your performance falls off rapidly, muscle tone degenerates,  and before you know it your back to zero. Keep Training HrdWith Bullworker, on the contrary, one single workout per week enables you to maintain your hard earned gains indefinitely. Each of the Bullworker Pro training programs are designed to let you progress  at your own personal pace. If you want to step up the training rhythm or slow it down its in your hands.

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The Fitness Story

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