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Thankyou for taking the time to look over my website it’s much appreciated. I trust it will be of some help! My nameis Peter I am 61 years old based in the U.K. I became interested in strength training a couple of years ago to basically build up my muscle and tendon strength, those who are of my generation will know how important it is to stay strong. We all eventually get old but I really enjoyed my training

which consisted of full body workouts 3 days per week, normally mon/wed/fri. I also incorporated Kettlebell routines into my program. You will see a lot of references to Kettlebells and kettlebell training on my website as this is a great way to keep fit, lose weight and build muscle/strength.


I soon found myself lifting heavier weights and getting stronger in the process. My body fat was reducing and I wasn’t on any particular weight loss diet just the general strength training using  an old barbell/dumbell set and a sensible eating plan including plenty of protien.

Things Had To Change

When I started getting comments like “hey pete have you been bulking up?” or “your looking trimmer” I knew what I was doing was working to a degree that it got noticed. I continued my 3 days per week steadily getting stronger as time went by. Then out of the blue I was struck down with colon cancer. To say I was horrified is an understatement. From now on my life was about to change.I carried on strength training then In the process of arranging my long term cancer treatment I then went and damaged my lower back whilst dong deadlifts. I ended up having an operation on my lower spine and that put a halt to anymore heavy lifting for me. Degenenaration of the discs or as they put it (old age) is the root cause.

Back Pain

So In the meantime I went through the usual radiotherapy and chemotherapy which  gradually tired me out to some degree where I had no energy, I can only describe it as being lethargic and no real go in me. To cut a long story short I had a very adverse reaction to radiotherapy and was hospitalised for 2 weeks. The training by now had come to a halt. Doing any weightlifting was having the opposite effect on my central nervous system so I shyed away  from it.

It was at that point I rediscoverd an old classic “The Bullworker” I knew this was something I could at least try and see if I could regain back my strength and muscle tone. To my suprise It worked a treat I still use it daily and I swear by it. I also fit in my Kettlebell training utilising the Kettlebell swing. I took the time to learn the correct way to do this very valuable exercise from reading what I consider The Kettlebell Swing Beginners Bible. To read my review go here>>> Enter The  Kettlebell

Try It For Yourself

My goal is to try and inspire anyone, not particularly in the same situation I was in but more so to help you realise that you can gain or retain your muscle mass and strength without overdoing it and without trying to find time to go to the gym. Aswell as the younger generation anyone over 50 can really make good use of the Bullworker Pro for staying or getting trim and strong in the comfort of your own home. It is also easliy portable if you go on holiday etc so you can contnue to get your workouts in. It is also ideal for women to use to tighten certain muscles up especially after a weight loss program.

Thanks for reading this short ‘about me’ page to get my story on the “Bullworker Pro”

You can find out more here===>>>Regain Your Strength With Isometrics

Dont Underestimate This Old Classic Strength Builder.
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