Withings Nokia health Sleep Sensor – Review

Withings/Nokia Sleep – Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad
Style Name: Sleep Sensor
Maker: Withings
Price: $99.15

The Withings Sleep slips under your mattress to record your movement, breathing and heart rate

The $100 Withings Sleep (formerly known as the Nokia Sleep) is a
sleep-tracking device which goes under your mattress, where it will automatically record the depth and the quality of your sleep, plus also your
heart rate, your snoring and breathing right throughout the night.

The Device sends its data to the Withings smartphone app (iOS and Android), called
the ‘Health Mate’ where it can be combined with data collected from other
devices sold by the French health tech company, like fitness-tracking
smartwatches and connected scales. It will also work perfectly with all
devices sold under the Nokia Health name, made before Nokia sold the
division back to Withings in 2018.

Unlike some of the sleep trackers, like the Beddit which goes under your
sheets but on top of the mattress, the Withings Sleep goes below the
mattress. I didn’t realise this before looking at the device, and was
very surprised at how the Sleep is sensitive enough to accurately detect the
your heartbeat, breathing and movement through the mattress.

Setting up the Sleep is quite a simple process which is explained with very clear
instructions inside the Health Mate app. When plugged into a plug socket  the first time, the Sleep will pop up on the Health Mate app; you are
then shown how to position the Sleep so that it sits roughly below your
chest as you sleep.
You need to leave the Sleep alone just for a
few minutes while it calibrates to your bed.

Needs Calibrating

Once calibrated, the Sleep will automatically gather data every time you sleep in your bed. This can stretch the setup process over several
days if you realize, having viewed the first night’s data, that the Sleep isn’t in the right location or position. This is because there is no way to start the tracking manually to check things are working properly; it’ll only work when you actually sleep on it.  The Sleep work for you. But if you share the bed with a partner, you might need to experiment to get the positioning just right. You can install a second Sleep if you and your partner both want to record data, with you each getting your own profile within the Health Mate app.


Being under the mattress, the Withings Sleep cannot be felt at all when in bed. It truly is a seamless addition to my self-quantifying routine, with no hardware to interact with at all. The reason you don’t need to wear anything is that the Nokia Sleep Sensing & Home Automation pad slots neatly underneath your mattress. Once there, it monitors your sleep quality, tracks your heart rate and  even senses if you’re snoring throughout the night, all without you having to do a thing.


Withings / Nokia Sleep – Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad

  • Sleep is an advanced sensor featuring an easy one-time setup under the mattress to help you improve your sleep quality night after night
  • Monitor your sleep – Delivers sleep cycles, tracks heart rate, detects snoring and breathing disturbances. Algorithms used to analyze the data have been validated with a team of sleep experts
  • Breathing disturbances – Sleep can now detect breathing disturbances. While some pauses during sleep are normal, if they occur too often they they might be a potential sign of a chronic condition such as sleep apnea
  • Learn what matters – Wake to a daily Sleep Score to understand what makes a good night’s sleep and how you can improve
  • Progress – get personalized coaching via a dedicated program within the free Health Mate app to make sleep gains that add up to better days
  • Enhance sleep environment – Sleep is a sensor that can act as a switch to control lights, the thermostat, and more
  • Automatic synchronization – Easy one-time setup under the mattress makes Sleep fit seamlessly into your life. Wake to all data in the app via Wi

Experience advanced sleep tracking

Sleep provides an in-depth look at your nights by monitoring
sleep cycles (deep, light & REM), tracking heart rate, detecting
snoring and breathing disturbances. Algorithms used to analyse the data
have been validated with the help of a team of sleep experts.

Better sleep

Every day, wake to your sleep score in the Health Mate app,
and learn about the parameters that impact your sleep quality, including
sleep duration, sleep depth, interruptions, and your sleep schedule,
plus the time it takes to fall asleep and wake up.

Breathing disturbances detection

During sleep, it’s not uncommon to experience some breathing
disruptions. But if these episodes occur too often, they can become a
chronic condition and impair your recovery, cause daytime sleepiness or
headaches. Withings Sleep mat now provides a new seamless insight, an
accounting of breathing disturbances and their intensity. With this info
and educational content in-app, you get insights tailored to help
detect a potential sign of sleep apnea, which could improve overall



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